Etekcity® Rechargeable Hidden Digital Flash 4GB Audio Voice Recorder

Etekcity® Rechargeable Hidden Digital Voice Recorder

Etekcity® Rechargeable Hidden Digital Flash 4GB Audio Voice Recorder

by Etekcity

  • Support MP3, WMA, ASF, and WAV audio formats; Windows / Linux / Mac compatible
  • 576 hours of max recording time; Two microphones on both sides ensure a high quality of recording
  • Built-in speaker, Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
  • Plug and play, no USB driver need; Great for lectures, meetings, and interviews
  • Features VOR function: automatically records when the device detects a voice; A-B repeat function
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  1. Brand: Etekcity
  2. Package: 6.5 x 3.3 x 2.2 inches
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Product Description

Stop writing reminders! 
Are you looking for a quick easy way to make a grocery list or remember a few important details? Well this is the device for you! With this Etekcity® device, youre able to record memos, lists, numbers, and much more to store and save on the large 4 GB memory unit.

Playback on the go  
Most voice recorders are going to make you plug them into a computer to listen to the playback audio. Not this device! With the playback function on this device, you are able to listen to everything that has been recorded, while on the go.

Voice Operated Recording (VOR) 
With this impressive function, all you have to do is press the menu button while the record option is selected and it will activate Voice Activated Recording. What this function does, is automatically records when the device detects a voice.

Technical Specifications 
Built in speaker and microphone
7 EQ (Equalizer)modes
Language select mode
A-B repeat function
Memory: 4GB
Delete function
Max recording time: About 576 hours(Hrs.)
Record format: WAV
Supported formats: MP3, WMA, ASF, WMV, WAV
Built in rechargeable lithium battery
Dimensions: 107mm x 26mm x 17mm
Supports: Windows 98/SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/8, Linux, and Mac

Format record time   
Long Play (32kbps): 16,560 minutes
Short Play (64 Kbps): 8460 minutes
High Quality (128 Kbps): 3840 minutes
Super High Quality (192 Kbps): 2760 minutes
Up to 13 hours continuous playback
Up to 20 hours continuous recording

Package Contents
1x Etekcity® 4GB USB Voice Recorder
1x USB Cable
1x Earphones

Customer Reviews

Average Customer Review
 (57 customer reviews)

AMAZING LITTLE DEVICE, September 29, 2013
This review is from: Etekcity® Rechargeable Hidden Digital Flash 4GB Audio Voice Recorder, Recording Device, Dictaphone with LCD Screen, Built in MP3 Player, Supports MP3, WMA etc (Electronics)
UPDATE!! (five months later).
If you have had trouble with the recorder, as some of you did from the beginning and I did after 4 months of use, just plug it in to your computer's USB port and right click on the drive's icon and format it again! Good as new, and your music files won't be touched! I would give this thing more than five stars now if I could! There isn't a micro recorder that is a better value anywhere for the price!!

This is an amazing tiny little device. As long as a BIC lighter, with a powerful little speaker the size of a dime! It comes with ear pods, and a USB connector cord to upload WAV files to your computer and charge the battery. If you purchase an optional cord, you can even tape phone conversations. I was originally going to purchase another digital recorder by a name brand, which costs over $50 here, but the reviews said that model wouldn't convert the recording to a file that I could upload to play on my computer's large speakers. It is.

Bad firmware on this model - Beware, October 29, 2013
This review is from: Etekcity® Rechargeable Hidden Digital Flash 4GB Audio Voice Recorder, Recording Device, Dictaphone with LCD Screen, Built in MP3 Player, Supports MP3, WMA etc (Electronics)
I have a very similar audio recorder that I had bought and used for over a year, and it is absolutely great. However, I wanted another one for dual audio video studio recordings, so I ordered this unit.

The unit I received was physically almost identical to my original (and perfectly working) unit. Unfortunately, this new one seems to have faulty firmware. It plays audio files fine, but you cannot get to essential menu settings, and it ONLY will record ONE file. No matter what you do, it just records over the previous file.

So, I sent it back for a refund and ordered another one from another dealer. Guess what? The second "new one" had exactly the same problems. So another return for a refund (a great thing about dealing with Amazon). This is an obvious firmware issue, so beware.

This is a real shame, since I could not be happier with my original unit. It simply makes great high quality audio recordings, and gives me access to more control.

It is very effient and portable to carry around. It is a change from other Recorder I had before., September 18, 2013
Oluwakemi Kayode Akinsilo
I recommend this recorder to any one who wants some small and effective and easy to use. Very efficient for personal or business use.

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