Olympus W-10 Digital Voice Recorder with Built-in Digital Camera

Olympus W-10 Digital Voice Digital Camera

Product Description

The Olympus W-10 combines a digital voice recorder and a digital camera in one ultracompact unit. Voice Album Software lets you display pictures on a PC monitor; add descriptions and narration to recorded images; play back recorded images in a slide show Provides two voice folders to manage your files, with each folder capable of storing up to 100 messages Image folder can hold up to 250 images Uses 2 AAA Batteries Built-in microphone, speaker, earphone jack Includes USB cable, software, earphone

Product Review

The W-10 doesn't just make it easy to record, it makes it easy to manage audio and image files, too. With two folders devoted to audio files--each capable of storing 100 messages--and a dedicated folder for image files that can hold 250 pictures, organizing and locating important files is simple. You can even move files between folders and erase a single file or an entire folder. Thumb-pad navigation is available with a jog dial, and the W-10's built-in 16 MB memory provides up to three hours of recording in long-play mode (other modes are standard and high-quality). Audio is stored as WAV files, and images are JPEGs. The recorder can be voice activated, and it even has an alarm feature, so you'll never miss an interview. Included Voice Album software lets you display pictures on a PC monitor in slide show fashion and add descriptions and narration to recorded images.

An LCD panel shows recording time remaining, sound quality, folder name, and other non-image-related information (though the LCD cannot be used to review pictures). When the recorder is hooked up to an external monitor, however, visual indexing lets you display an image while playing related audio. The W-10 uses a 0.3 Megapixel CMOS chip for visual indexing (640 x 480 resolution). The W-10 runs on two AAA batteries (not supplied) and cannot run from an AC adapter. Two batteries run about 24 hours. Supported operating systems include Microsoft Windows 98, 98SE, Me, 2000 Professional, and XP Professional and Home editions. Your computer must be running an Intel Pentium II class 233 MHz or faster with 64 MB RAM minimum and a Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16 sound board (or 100 percent compatible). Your video card and display must be 800 x 600 pixels minimum with 256 colors minimum. One available USB port is required.

Product Features

  • Up to 3 hours of voice recording
  • 16 MB inboard memory
  • Two dedicated audio folders (up to 100 WAV files each), One dedicated image folder (up to 250 JPEGs)
  • Voice Album Software lets you add descriptions and narration to recorded images for a slideshow on your PC
  • Jog dial simplifies navigation and usage

Customer Reviews

Average Customer Review
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Very Pleased with the W-10, April 25, 2003
By A Customer
I purchased the Olympus W-10 primarily as a general-purpose note and meeting recorder, replacing a micro-cassette. The W-10 generally met or exceeded my expectations in all areas.
Sound Recording -- This unit is extremely easy to use, and the interface software is excellent. Sound quality is very acceptable at the HQ and SP speeds, although I would not count on using the LP mode for anything, as the quality is very poor. I would have much preferred a 2-hour record time that was actually intelligible, instead of a 3-hour time that is not. The max usable record time, then, is at the SP 'speed,' at a little over an hour. The voice-activated recording mode works very well, and has the effect of expanding your recording time by cutting out periods of silence. For my purposes, an hour is find. Microphone sensitivity is very good.
Photo capability -- There have been very mixed reviews about the camera feature, and here are my two cents on that topic: If you are looking for.

It's just as I wanted it to be, January 3, 2003
Eduardo Campo (Puerto Rico)
I just received my new Olympus W-10 Digital Voice Recorder and I'm completely happy with it. It's light weight, including batteries. The size is ok, the quality of the recordings is good as long as you use HQ (High Quality). Like almost any other voice recorder, LP (Long Playback) is useless because of the poor quality, unless you use it for recording your own voice in front of the microphone.
Using the Recorder is so simple that I only use the manual for reference.
The software included is amazing. It was so easy to install and to download wave and image files from the voice recorder to the computer, that I couldn't belive it. I downloaded 4 pictures in less than five seconds!! You can also upload voice files from your computer to the Recorder.
The pictures are not as good as any digital camera, however taking pictures is not it's main function so I think the quality of the pictures is good enough. It doesn't have a flash so you can't take pictures without enough.

Cute, but don't count on the camera, February 10, 2003
R. Hafer (Ann Arbor, MI United States)
Pros: stylish, tiny, lightweight, good audio capacity, voice activated recording
Cons: no Mac support and low res image capture
The blister pack includes...
- W-10 unit
- soft sleeve
- windows software cd
- earphone
- usb cable
I'd hoped that this device would connect as a USB hard drive but it requires pc-based software to download the images. The software is pretty good...I especially like the auto-download-and-delete feature which make connectivity amazingly quick as plugging in the cable switches the w-10 into PC connectivity mode, launch the w-10 software, download the images/audio clips, and delete the images off the w-10.
The camera doesn't have a flash so indoor shots are grainy (outdoor shots are a little better but not quite as good as my first olympus digital camera, which also took 640x480 images). One nice thing is that the unit doesn't have any distinct modes to get into the can switch between audio and image capture.

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